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 We are looking for the respective classes

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PostSubject: We are looking for the respective classes   Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:51 pm

I made this threat withone reason and the reason is only one, so that all of you to keep a track of the need it classes and to see if we have any spots opened in the Night of the Decepticon guild:

At the moment we have the recruitment opened for the specific classes:

Warriors(Prot and Fury) - Opened
Priests(Shadow) - Opened
Resto,Elemental,Enhacement Shamans - Opened
Warlocks - Opened
Mages - Opened
Druids(Resto and Feral) - Opened

Your class is closed for recruitment it can still mean you have a chance to get in But then you REALLY need to put some effort into your application and not just YES NO DUNNO BBQ? answeres cause then we wont even bother about it.

And lets say you get an invite to vilohemmet we will demand you come ready for raid with the consumebles need for your class flask wellfed oils/crittstones etc etc.

If we are going to a boss you havent done, We demand that you have spend some time reading up on it cause if its on of the "farm" bosses for Vilohemmet we wont waste time going through tactics.

Anyway gl with your applications and maybe we have sexy bbq chat in Gchat =).

Keep an eye always on this thread cause u might never know when things will change again.I will keep updating this post as much as possible.

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We are looking for the respective classes
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