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 apply - metheoric paladin

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PostSubject: apply - metheoric paladin   Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:04 pm

Current Location: Denmark

Character Name:metheoric
Character Class:Paladin
Character Race:Blood elf
Gametime played on this character:55 days 9 hours
Professions:mining engineer
Which addons are you using atm that benefits raiding?: well none after the patch :s
Able to speak on ventrilo/teamspeak?: Yes

Link to armory showing your PVE gear (my two handed axe got deletet at the new patch :s so iam working on getting a new one and i have full epic healing gear Wink)

Link to armory showing your RAIDING spec:
(If the armory does not represent your raiding gear and specc please give this information in some other way)

Do you agree to respec for certain encounters if the guild leader asks you for it?:yes
Experience before TBC (Answer with yes or no only please): yes
Molten Core: yes a little
Blackwing Lair: No
Aq40: a little
Naxxramas: a little

Experience during the BC(Answer with yes or no only please): yes a little
Gruul's Lair: No
Magtheridon's Lair: No
Serpenshrine Caverns: No
Tempest Keep: No
Mount Hyjal: No
Black Temple: No
Sunwell Plateau: No

Guild History and reason for leaving them(Guild names and keep the reasons simple):
Saving private thrall i wanted to raid and they wanted me to respeck and i dont want to.

Anyone you know within the guild that can vouch for you?: No Not realy

Can you raid during this days and hours. monday,thuesday,wendsday,Thursday,Sunday between the hours 19;00 to 23;00 ?:
no only weekends
You need to attend to at least 80% of our raids,are u able to do this?: dont know

Are u able to handle criticism from raid leader/assistans if something goes wrong cause of you?: Yes

Do you have a stable computer and conncetion, Or alot of dc restarts etc,
Be honest cause we will notice this...?: Yes i have a stable computer and connection.

Will you farm so when we ask for it you can be fully buffed with flask/wellfed/oils etc etc? Yea if i know what to farm
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PostSubject: Re: apply - metheoric paladin   Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:34 pm

You copied some of it from Lenua , and that i cannot accept , remake it Smile
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Guild Master

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PostSubject: Re: apply - metheoric paladin   Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:53 pm

Declined due to age.
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PostSubject: Re: apply - metheoric paladin   

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apply - metheoric paladin
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